Baby's First Easter Photos

Somehow last year I never blogged about these sweet photos I took of our son for his first Easter.  Look how tiny he is!  Amazing how much a year can change a little one.  Our year of firsts were so special with him.

As I start to fill his Easter basket again this year I am reminiscent over this sweet memory from only a year ago.  As a wiggly opinionated toddler I am not going to even dare worry about getting anything like these photos this year!  I will just sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane while he quietly naps in his room!

I did not have a plan going into Easter last year of what exactly we wanted to start tradition wise.  As he was still so small I wanted to get him an Easter basket to fill and left it at that.  I found a few inspiration photos on Pinterest and decided that we would go the one Easter basket forever route and get a monogrammed one from Pottery Barn Kids.

Customized things make me so nervous.  I am such a perfectionist that I fear the name won't be clear enough or I won't like how it ends up looking.  Luckily after carefully choosing a color combination (for example I would never lean towards orange and yet it was the color that allowed the letters to be seen the most) I was quite pleased with how it came out.

We took the photos a few days in advance so I wouldn't stress on the actual day about trying to get some acceptable smiles.  He played with a few things but was too young to get upset about me taking everything away when we were done with the pictures.

The basket was full of colorful Spring gifts.  A few toys and books that I wanted for him as well as some Eastery things to help fill out the basket and look good for the photos.  The bunny we actually purchased when we first found out I was pregnant.  But he had no concept of re-gifting and it fit in well with the Easter basket theme!

And then we attempted some baby in the basket photos.  It went okay but he was not a fan!

And then on Easter morning we took a few quick photos before church in his little outfit.  We are pretty casual when it comes to dressing our son so this was a special outfit worth capturing!

What fun these holidays are with a little one!  Looking forward to the memories this Easter will bring for our little family.