Our Baby Girl's Simple and Neutral Nursery

Our baby girl's little nursery is complete and I love how the simple room came together.  As she is baby number two in the family, we had plenty of hand me downs from her big brother which included a lot of neutral pieces.  I still really loved the pieces we had gotten with a boy in mind so it was fun to play with it all again adding just a few feminine pieces to make it look updated for our girl.

As I perused the internet for some neutral but slightly girly details I kept coming back to more modern artsy flower pieces.  The two art prints (above and below) I actually already had in our home.  It is fun to see my everyday style get incorporated in my children's spaces. 

I want it to feel appropriate for a little one but still cohesive with the rest of our home.  Repeating colors, pillows, blankets, and baskets we already had around the house helped make this room come together easily while still being true to my style.

The accessories - stuffed animals, books, and toys, complete the space without decking the room out in all things baby.  Plus with the same style baskets, frames, and textiles, these pieces can be used again anywhere in our home once we are past the nursery stage.

We did purchase this blue love seat specifically for this room.  It is an awesome chair, big enough for big brother to hang with us while feeding baby girl.  What I didn't realize was how much this large chair would take over such a small room.  I had to move it around quite a bit to finally find a place that didn't take over.  And it ended up working well tucked into this corner. 

The corner is a bit dark with the denim color which made it hard to photograph.  But looking at the room overall, it ended up being a great spot to sit and look out the window and all the great lighting that pops off the white furniture.  I will be spending a lot of time sitting in this chair with baby girl so I am grateful for a pretty view to look at.

In all reality the pillows and blanket will surely go once baby girl is here but for now, I love how the crib looks "styled".

The little wood play gym we had from our son and is from Crate and Kids.  We picked up these sweet flower rattles to update the gym.

I love these cute vintage style fans.  We have one in each of our bedrooms and one in our kitchen that gets left out pretty much year around.  We have a few box fans for serious hot summer days but I like having these simple little fans out for when we need a little air flow that doubles as decoration.  I have gotten them all from TJ-Maxx.

There were a few things I wanted baby girl to have for herself.  This included a piggy bank and special stuffed animals.  The giraffe piggy bank and lamb is from Pottery Barn Kids and the little doll from Crate and Kids. 

We have yet to buy dressers for the nursery or our son's room so we have been using baskets on book shelves to organize clothes and toys that don't fit in the changing table.

Since we didn't need much for baby girl, we splurged on a few sweet toys that I have had my eye on *in case* we ever had a girl.  This includes the doll and lion rattles below.

And these beautiful blocks from Crate and Kids. 

Some of the brighter toys are hidden in the closed baskets.

The book shelf is the same style we have in our son's room except they are taller.  I think we will eventually make our son's room a shared room when baby girl gets older so I wanted to buy book shelves that would mix and match in the future.  They are from Target's Pillow Fort line.  And our other new purchase was this round mirror also from Target.  I love it's simple sophistication.

The room is so sweet and cheery.  And the afternoon light that comes in really warms up the space.  I look forward to spending my days with our baby girl in here.  Her big brother already loves coming in and playing with her toys!

Here are a few pictures of the darker corner with the love seat.  Our son was all about the baby swing so we already have that out as well.  The large pouf is also new and from HomeGoods.

The framed sign is actually gift wrap that I saved from my sweet and talented friend. 

And baby girl's quilt I made lightens up the love seat along with a few pillows.

And just for fun, a few pictures of pregnant mama hanging in the nursery.  I actually had a tank top and shorts on and my hair up in a top bun.  I threw on a robe and took my hair down - my secrets at looking photo worthy in a pinch.  If only I paraded around this put together during pregnancy!  Not the case at all friends.  :)

See our son's nursery tour here.