Big Boy Room: Updated Neutral Toddler Bedroom

Right around Christmas we purchased our son a twin bed in preparation of getting our baby girl's nursery together.  I was pretty nervous about the transition.  During those last months of pregnancy, I had come to rely on our son hanging out in our crib (aka baby jail) in the mornings - rolling around content and chill so I could sleep in occasionally.

But my plan ahead self really wanted to get the nursery together before our daughter arrived so we went ahead and bit the bullet.  To our surprise he did really well and stays in bed until we come in for him - thanks to a bed rail.  A major parenting win.

We moved the crib and changing table to the new nursery (old guest room).  And we added another tall bookcase from Target for storage since we were losing the changing table.

The twin bed is from Amazon and is a bit like our whole fireplace scenario.  It was much less expensive for the look of the bed I wanted (white wood with head and footboard) but came with a few headaches.

We were prepared for the work based off the reviews that it had.  But even still it was frustrating to receive it damaged.  My husband went ahead and put it together and we put in a request for a replacement...which also came damaged.  But between the two beds we were able to put together one almost new bed.  It still had a few scratches and dings but Amazon gave us a discount after all the hassle which helped us be okay with the not quite brand new bed.  The things we do for a good deal!

But besides all of that, we are really happy with the bed.  It looks great and is plenty sturdy enough.  I really wanted the footboard because I think it makes the bed look more pulled together - especially for children.  We purchased this toddler bed rail (that you can see hiding under the blankets) and this mattress and have been very happy with both.

The tepee he had gotten for his second birthday.  I had decorated it with some banners and tassels but it was all a bit much.  I kept the triangle banner and hung it from the wall to the bookcase.  The tassels dressed up his weaving decoration (below).

For the bedding, we picked up a comforter and duvet cover from Ikea.  And for sheets we have a dinosaur set I found at HomeGoods and the cutest airplane set by Eddie Bauer.  What I didn't realize was how expensive it is to put together a child's bed!  Granted we went for the twin bed for the longer investment.  But man, it was shocking how much everything cost all together.  Going with neutral and not too babyish designs will hopefully last us for years to come making these all worthy investment pieces.

After Christmas I organized all our toys we use downstairs in our main living space and put the rest of the toys in his room.  It is kind of overwhelming to realize just how many toys we have accumulated in a short 2.5 years!  But this way I can cycle toys around and everything is out and accessible.

We moved this small kids table that we already had into his room as well.

Since we moved out the changing table and we don't have a dresser, I moved his toys that were in the white bins into different baskets on the new bookcase so that I could store clothes and diapers in the white bins.  Besides our large basket of cloth diapers, everything is nicely hidden but easily accessible (especially during the uncomfortable end of pregnancy!).  Eventually we will use the closet but the bins work while his clothes are still fairly small.  Right now the closet stores old clothes and large baby/kid items.

I have mentioned before that we would like to eventually make this room a shared bedroom.  My vision would be to purchase another twin bed in a similar style to go where the tepee is. 

Here is a peek inside of his closet.  Mostly outgrown clothes, diapers, and storage. 

I am really happy with how the room came out.  It is such a great large sized room with wonderful natural light.  It is a joy to spend time in here.

I love the neutral palette with a little pop of color that comes from the toys.  It feels simple and organized while still full to the brim of childhood magic.

And most importantly, our little guy sure loves it!  I snapped a few photos of him after I "redecorated" his tepee and got everything organized.  He loved taking it all in!

Once I was done with all my blog photos - the room got put back into it's normal place.  I pulled the comforter up so we could access the bed rail and toys and books began filling up the floor!

I love the mix of both function and style.  Things like bed rails and baskets to hide diapers make parenting life a little easier.  And pretty elements make this mom happy to sit on the floor and play while enjoying the space with my son.