Family Of Four | Our Newborn and Family Photos

Family Of Four // Not only have our hearts and hands been full this past month+ but trying to photograph our new little crew was quite the hilarious challenge!

I shared when we took newborn pictures with our son that being the photographer, milk feeder, and subject proved to be a bit of a creative challenge.  Then throw in a toddler this time on top of that!  So this time around I planned to take our pictures while my parents were still here to at least have someone push the button for us.  This proved to work out well - I would set up the tripod and my dad would shoot the photos.  My mom was also a great help holding the baby in between shots so I could set up the next picture.

Our baby girl was just over a week old when these photos were taken.  And I was feeling healthy enough to have the energy to get dressed and plan out our photos.  We did all of our family photos at once and then over the rest of the day and the next, I took pictures of just our daughter when the lighting was right and she was fast asleep.  Splitting up the photos really allowed me to try all the different shots/outfits I wanted without the stress of trying to capture them all at once.

It was a lot of work, but being the creative control freak that I am (!!!), it felt really good to accomplish this on my own (with help of course!).  I am thankful that the creative challenge continues to grow me as a photographer.  It was more stressful than any type of photo shoot we ever did professionally but it is teaching me to keep cool under the pressure!

All this to say, I introduce you to our little family of four.  To many sweet pictures and memories to come.

And just for fun...some of those hilarious moments I mentioned.  This is real life my friends!

I almost love the outtakes as much as I do the sweet smiles!  Such a perfect view of our life right now - a haze of newborn sweetness mixed in with utter chaos.  It is a beautiful and crazy season.  I am so thankful to capture a little bit of it all!