A Better Paper Towel Solution

I've been making small changes around the house lately - trying to be a little more organized, purging, and findings ways to reuse/be greener and save money.  We finally made the switch to using towels instead of paper towels.  The trick for me was to put towels in the same spot our paper towels used to be as it was so habitual to just grab a paper towel. 

So I am now using an over the cabinet door hanger to hold towels and we've never looked back.  Now we still have a roll of paper towels if needed but it's stored away for when we need it but not everyday.

I also use these over the door hangers for dish cleaning brushes. They are so handy!  I recommend purchasing a hanging basket to match your cabinet color/finish since a small hook hangs on the outside.

We are also trying out cloth napkins.  I ordered these navy and white striped ones and have been pretty happy with them and these gingham ones (in black) are on my wish list!