DIY Photo Board And Simple Photo Display

I love having photos around the house.  They tell the story of our family, help us relive sweet memories, and make for inexpensive art around the house.

I also love using our Instax camera for sweet vintage style pictures to put up.  I often take it with us on vacation and have been trying to remember to use it to take a few photos of our kids as they grow up.

These simple little photos are some of my favorite to clothes pin up around the house on simple photo display frames that I have made.  And even if you don't have a polaroid camera, I love printing photos with a little white border that give it a more matted look.

I tuck them into baskets we have on the walls as well as on mirrors and framed photos.

I think they add a touch of whimsy and color wherever needed.  Plus they are easy to change out without the work of redoing a frame.

I recently put together another little photo display board that I will be putting in our daughter's room.  Here is the simple DIY project:

You will need an empty frame, twine, clothes pins, and a staple gun.  I had an old mirror that was in my donation pile until I realized I could take the mirror out and use the empty frame!  I love reusing things making this a zero cost project!

All you do is staple gun the twine to the back of your frame and then tie a little knot so the twine doesn't come loose.  I align the twine slightly higher up (instead of evenly) as the photos hang lower than the twine.

Such a simple project but very gratifying!  I don't do a lot of projects as much these days so making something felt so good!  The next time you are at the thrift store, pick up a few of these vintage style frames and spray paint it white to make this simple and sweet photo display project.