Updates To Our Son's Toddler Room

I made a few changes to our son's big boy toddler room recently that I wanted to share! While the room is fairly neutral I love adding a little pop of color through toys and accessories. 

I purchased this colored pom pom garland from Target for my son's birthday party decorations. It comes in a set of three and they are super cute. I love the pop of color it adds to his tepee decor.

I had these alphabet cards from my sister in law's baby shower from over five years ago! I found them on Etsy and had saved them for future use. I thought they would be a fun way to help my son continue to learn his letters but he seems to not notice them! :) But they still look cute - they give off an old schoolroom feel. Plus one less thing being stored away!

The racoon stuffed animal is new and from Hallmark Baby. They have an adorable line of baby toys that I just recently stumbled upon. Finding quirky and whimsical stuffed animals that aren't super expensive is rare. I may just love "Mr. Raccoon," as we call him, more than my son does!

I continue to love this sweet room. It has such great light, so much room (lucky boy!), and is a fun place for us to hang out.

For his birthday we added this name puzzle to our collection (from Etsy). Another attempt at helping him learn to spell his name! It is a beautiful toy I hope that he will enjoy for many years to come. 

I was recently inspired to incorporate more Biblical teaching to our everyday. Our son is currently obsessed with a certain Daniel the Tiger book. So at bedtime he now gets to choose two books to read - one Bible story and one Daniel book. It has been a good way to help us as parents be more intentional about teaching our son about our faith in an easy everyday way.

I also spent some time reorganizing his closet. While not super pretty, having it organized is a huge accomplishment for me! I tend to just throw things in here - toys I put in holding to see if he misses them before I eventually donate! And clothes or baby things he has outgrown. His toys and diapers are stored in the open shelves in his room so I am not in and out of the closet very often. 

These are just a few simple and small changes I have made in the last few months, but ones that have brought a lot of joy and organization to the space. Much like the rest of the house, I try to allow our living spaces to change as we use each room in different ways!

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