Flintstones Family Halloween Costume - Introducing Pebbles!

If you have been following along with my blog for awhile, this year's family Halloween costume is no surprise! After years of re-wearing our Fred and Wilma costume I made seven years ago (and then Bamm Bamm), we had to complete the Flintstones family with the addition of our little Pebbles!

We are in the middle of moving cross country again with just a few weeks left here in Virginia and we had been traveling a lot this past month. So the idea of making a costume again for our daughter (for her first Halloween!) seemed really overwhelming. I went back and forth about it. But I knew I would regret it if I didn't put one together. And we had to complete our Flintstones costume!

But for real, it is a struggle learning to navigate life with two kids on top of a lot of extra life stress. Thankfully the costumes were really easy to put together and now that I am done, it feels like a load off!

We were in Arkansas last week with my husband for work and there was nothing to do in the little town we were in! So while Brent was working, I took the kids and we found a Hobby Lobby thirty minutes away to pick up the fabric! Done.

Then about two days ago I whipped these up while baby girl was napping. Our son was very interested in what I was doing so he was somewhat "helpful"! No TV babysitter needed! Or whining while I whip around a hot glue gun! Phew.

It took less than an hour to put together the Pebbles and Bamm Bamm costumes.  Bamm. Bamm. (See what I did there?!)

For the costumes I used felt and hot glued the pieces together. It was so easy. Our son had a Bamm Bamm costume from when he was three months old so now three years old, it no longer fit! But I did copy his original costume and cut off the bone that was sewn on to use again.

I somehow managed to cut the Pebbles dress without needing to sew. I used a dress she already had as a template and then folded the fabric so I only had to cut out the arms and not sew the sides. I used safety pins for both costumes to close off the costume in the back. So easy.

Pebbles does wear a bone in her hair but the giant bone I cut out looked a little silly on my daughter's head and I was too lazy to cut out a new one. So I just glued it on to her dress and had her wear a white bow instead. Not completely true to character but I thought she looked perfectly adorable. 

The Fred and Wilma costumes I made years ago were sewn (pre-kids!). You can see that blog post here.

Our Flinstone family costume officially complete! 

Yabba dabba doo!

My sweet babies. They really do seem to like each other. And it is one of life's GREATEST JOYS to seem them love on each other. I hope their bond continues for the rest of their life.

My baby girl is currently sitting on the floor next to me while I continually hand her endless amounts of cheerios on the ground so that I can finish this post! Parenting is a juggling act...circus act...crazy train. But I am grateful for these sweet photos and happy faces that remind me it's all worth it!

Happy Halloween!