Stairway Gallery Wall

I always loved a stairway gallery wall so when we moved to this house I was VERY excited to finally have one. It took awhile to get it right and then I added to it periodically. Here is the finished gallery wall right before I took it down in preparation to move. You can file this under - things I never shared but wanted to make sure to blog about before we moved!

I stuck with all black and white photos and black frames to keep it uniform. It is hard to photograph from the stair angle but it truly was one of my favorite walls in our home.

I tried to include a range of photos - pictures of Brent and I before kids, our wedding, pictures of each child, and then a few of the kids together.

I continued the theme to our upstairs hallway. With the exception of one gold frame.

I love the story photos can tell throughout the home. I try to make them feel more like art so I use matted frames, a variety of styled photos (but mostly staged candid!), and keeping them black and white.

The two frames that have text include a song my husband wrote for me when we got married and our family purpose statement. All these years later these words and values still hold true to the life we try to live.

I often stop to look at these photos after I put the kids down for a nap and it puts a smile on my face. I also love when I am carrying my son up the stairs and we stop to talk about mommy and daddy's wedding. It is moments like these that remind me to fill my home with things that bring joy and tell our stories.