We're Moving To Washington State!

I am excited to share some big news for our family today! We are moving to Washington state!

It is no secret that our move from California to Virginia three years ago has been a challenging one. While we have had many wonderful experiences (visiting so many new places on the East Coast, learning to thrive as an individual family unit, enjoying our beautiful home in the country, and growing through this unique life season of babies) we struggled to see ourselves here long term.

My husband was offered a wonderful opportunity to work with his same company but in a new role at their Washington location. Back in August we went out to visit the area to see if we thought it would be a good fit. We were very excited and very sure this was going to be the next move for our family. Yet when we got there we ran into a few road blocks that started to make us question if this was going to actually work after all. What began as a trip full of hope, we left feeling discouraged and disappointed.

So we came back home to Virginia and over the course of a few weeks we settled into a new level of contentment. We had new eyes for life here and it was transforming. We were reminded of the many blessings that we were taking for granted and that as long as we were with each other, we could be anywhere. It was the silver lining I had been longing for these last three years - to finally feel true contentment about living here.

And then things changed. The roadblocks started to clear. Details about the job started to all fall into place. A small but sweet home came on the market that we could afford (still pending! I'll update if and when it's official). An emotional roller coaster to say the least.

We have learned so much about our priorities these past few years. Navigating life with children is already a challenging one in itself. But doing it alone along with a string of other challenges has really beaten us up the past three years. Our marriage has been through a lot. Things have been harder than I had ever imagined. And yet we are better off because of it.

This move is one out of obedience. While it appears exciting on the outside, it has been a result of a lot of pain. That we are choosing family over other things. That we want and probably need to be back on the same coast as our extended family. And that we need to live in a town that is both close to work as well as a community.

We are currently getting our house ready to sell. I have been purging like crazy as we prepare to move to a much smaller home. While I love an opportunity to minimize, it does come with a slew of emotions when done in bulk. We are truly sad to leave this house. Our dream home for sure. But I am reminded that we felt that way about our home in California. But it still doesn't take away the knots in my stomach.

We have been trying to potty train our son in the midst of this! We had a stomach bug hit our house. And we had about a week to get our home ready for our realtor. It has been a whirlwind and I am sure it won't stop for awhile.

But we are hopeful, thankful, and walking in faith with this next adventure.

We will be moving to a town near Redmond, Washington which is about 30 minutes from Seattle. We are excited to live in a bigger city again and to be in the same time zone as our family in California.   We are looking to move in the next month or so.

If you would like to follow along on our next cross country journey, I will be sharing updates over on Instagram!

Thank you friends for following along on this adventure. I so appreciate the continual love and support. xo