Our Favorite Non-Animated Family Movies

We love a good family movie night. And for us this is usually Saturday night after we have picked up a pizza. We get all cozy in the living room - baby in her high chair. And we enjoy a simple and low key night at home. Especially during quarantine, this little tradition has become something to look forward to all week. And no cooking for mama? Even better!

Our son is fairly sensitive to movies and shows, especially animated ones. So we have resorted to old family friendly movies from the past. They are just entertaining enough for our three year old and fun flash backs for mom and dad. I thought I would compile a little list as it has been hard to find movies we can all watch. Search for family movies and you get endless animated films. I hope this can be a helpful resource to families and I would love to know if you have any favorites worth recommending!

Benji - stream on Netflix

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - stream on Netflix

Free Willy - stream on Hulu

Mary Poppins Returns - stream on Netflix

Yours, Mine, And Ours - stream on Netflix

Christopher Robin - stream on Netflix
// And the three animated movies our son will watch:

Cars - stream on Disney+

Cars 3 - stream on Disney+

The Peanuts Movie - another favorite we have on DVD

// I would love to know! What are some of your family movie favorites?