Let's Choose Better: What I Am Doing For Anti-Racism

I have struggled to find the words to say during this time of injustice and heartache that is going on. Yet I don’t want to remain silent as it is the voices of others who have been willing to speak up that have been an encouragement to me.

So this is what I am doing to try to make a difference in anti-racism: I am starting at home. I ordered black dolls off of Etsy to teach my kids more about race. I am adding books to my kid’s wish lists to create a more multicultural library. I am reading and following more people of color to diversify my feed. And not only are we learning but we are celebrating. Celebrating black people, all races, and all of God’s creation. It is a JOY!

I am listening to my black friends. I am standing with them. And I am telling them that. I am not perfect. I may not say the right thing. But I am saying something. Because it is in opening up our hearts and living in true authenticity that healing and relationships bloom.

All the while doing what I can to protect my own mental health and how I let what is going on in the world affect my attitude (and how I treat my family). I will not let petty Facebook arguments suck me in and take away any progress that I am making in my own heart to fight anti-racism. I choose to not spiral and put my head in the sand because I begin to feel overwhelmed by all the noise in the news and in my feed.

There are a lot of horrible things going on. But the change that is going on in my own heart and the hearts of many speaking up means something. Let us make good from all of this. Let’s choose better.