Finding Beauty

I have always been a beauty hunter. Whether it be in creating a beautiful space in my home, searching for pretty flowers on a walk, or simply catching a moment with my camera. Even more so in a season of our lives that so much feels heavy, these words reminded me to keep looking:

"As stewards of our souls, we must seek to cultivate a garden of beauty - it must be a regular habit, a discipline, to expose ourselves to great minds, the best musicians, fine artists, great theologians, and wonderful biographies...

There is so much ugliness in our world. The media is an expert at creating new ways to celebrate and glorify evil, and it seems almost inescapable. Harsh realities are visually depicted for us on the news, in the papers, and online. If we don't intentionally pursue and reflect upon beauty, we will miss it as it is drowned out by the negative realities of life."

-Sally Clarkson, Mom Heart Moments

While I don't advocate putting our heads into the sand, I do believe that it is okay, even necessary, to step away from what is going on in the world and surround ourselves with beautiful things.

If you are anxious, overwhelmed, doesn't mean that you don't care about the world to take a step back. It is that you realize you need to take care of yourself so that you can then go out and love on others.

I am trying to quiet my mind through less time on social media, reading, and prioritizing my free time to tackle tasks that will bring me joy. 

Let us find and revel in the beauty of the everyday.