How To Be More Efficient At Home So You Can Actually Relax With Your Kids

With many of us still spending a lot of time at home these days, figuring out life with children and taking care of our own tasks has become a daily balancing act. We are rethinking how we work, educate, and spend our time with new limits or changes to everyday life.

While every family's scenario is different, we have all had to learn how to pivot in one way or another. Many parents are figuring out how to work from home while also caring for their children full-time. Students are rethinking what school will look like this coming year. And families are learning how to spend their weekends in new and creative ways.

No matter what your specific scenario is, I think we all desire a little more peace and efficiency in our homes so that we can focus on spending time with our kids that's actually relaxing. Mom guilt runs deep when we are being asked, yet again, for help or to come and play while the laundry continues to pile up and another email comes through. With a few simple tricks and habit changes, we can streamline the day to day in a way that frees up a little more time for our family!

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