Play Kitchen Turned Food Truck | Invite To Play

We recently started converting our toy play kitchen into a food truck and it has been a huge hit! We "roll" it over to the living room where we set everything up. I made some really simple signs and pretend wheels that get taped to the back side. And then we put out a cafe table and chairs.

My kids play with this significantly longer than they do simply at the kitchen. It is a fun way to mix things up getting both the kids and myself a little more involved.

Read below for pretend food toys that we love.

We have the Ikea play kitchen and love it. You can read my review on it here.

We love these wooden and felt pretend foods: basic food groups | slice and bake cookies | birthday cake | dairy and drink set (one of my favorites) | felt pizza | pasta set (they are getting this for Christmas) | cake and biscuits set (also a fave that is super cute)

I also really like the Hearth and Hand play food toys from Target. We have the pot and pan set. If I didn't have that set, this wooden white set would be my next choice.

We also have two tea sets because I am obsessed with them both. This gorgeous French themed tin set our daughter got for her first birthday. And this musical tea pot is one toy with sound that I have yet to get sick of! The songs are precious.