Our Baby Boy's Quilt: Navy, Mint, And Gold

I recently finished our son's baby quilt that I will use to take his weekly picture on for the first year. Finishing this project always feels like a huge load off as I don't love to sew and in the past it has been very time consuming and often frustrating. But I am happy to report, the third time around, this was my easiest baby quilt yet! I have learned so much, making one for each of my kiddos, that this one came together quickly and easily. What a relief!

You can see how I use the quilt in weekly photos here.

When we lived in Virginia, I started ordering the majority of my fabric online from Spoonflower. Living out in the country and having a baby in tow, it just became easier to shop online. It is a bit pricier but with a much wider selection. The ease of ordering online and getting exactly what I wanted made these special baby projects worth the extra investment. 

I also love the tools that Spoonflower offers in designing your quilt. I took these screenshots to show you how I was able to design my striped quilt online and know how I wanted everything laid out.

With Spoonflower you can split your yard with two fabric choices. I ordered four of the fabrics each a half yard. And the widest design, the triangles, I ordered in a yard. When it arrived I laid it out next to my daughter's quilt for size and measured and cut accordingly. The quilt ends up being just about 2 yards long.

For more details on the quilt, you can see my daughter's quilt here and my first son's here. Those will give more details on the sewing process if you are interested!

Now some pictures of the finished quilt!

I ordered and printed my fabric a different way this time which ended up making the stripes go the wrong direction! I tried to make it work but eventually settled that I really wanted this special quilt to be how I originally planned. So I had to reorder the fabric! So instead of buying just one fabric design for the back (which is usually a less expensive fabric from the store), I used the misprinted fabric instead which you can see below. I was so glad it worked out after all!

For now the quilt is laying in his crib waiting for our little guy's arrival!