Thoughts On The End Of Pregnancy

The end of pregnancy is bittersweet for me. The end of a long nine months. And a new start of an unknown.

Our sweet girl has been especially clingy and emotional lately which makes me anxious for the weeks to come. I know in the long run she will love her new brother but not being able to give her the attention she desires is hard on a mama's heart.

Our oldest continues to be such a great big helper. The weight of being the firstborn is upon him and he wears it well. But he, too, craves his own attention and has his own needs. I'm thankful he is in such a sweet stage of being all about his daddy.

The days fly by as we wait for our baby's arrival. My body is so exhausted and ready to be done. Perhaps it is it's way of giving me the confidence to endure another delivery.

I always want to soak up these lasts but time is teaching me that the days forward are just as good. I continue to try to learn to live in the present instead of longing for days past or wishing on the days to come.

I'm learning to let go of more. To find peace in less. Something I have struggled to aspire to but this past year of slowing down has helped me find.

As one chapter closes, another one begins. So many emotions and a heart full of love.