Upstairs Bathroom Renovation

Between Christmas and New Years, my husband had some time off of work so we decided to tackle our upstairs kid's bathroom renovation. We wanted something bright and airy to really open up this small space. It is the bathroom our kids use as well what guests use when staying with us. 

While we have done many DIY projects over the course of our marriage, this is our first real renovation project. It was so rewarding to do with many bumps in the road along the way! It took about a week to finish with many trips to Home Depot. But we are very happy with how it came out and have been enjoying it immensely!

Just for fun this is what it looked like in the listing photo:

And a look at the project in progress! Both bathrooms had this black shower liner we didn't care for.

When we first moved in we tore out the top mirror and storage space and it made the room feel so much bigger. Since then we were living with half painted walls (from the removed mirror). I did my best to lighten it up with decor but it still was pretty outdated and crowded.

My husband put in brand new floors (and fixed some unplanned flooring issues). And we replaced the vanity with a smaller white piece from Home Depot. The toilet and bathtub remained the same. But we did replace the shower siding - which you will see in photos below. And to finish it all off, a fresh coat of paint!


The mirror and accessories are all things we already had. We also got a new faucet. And here is a pregnant selfie! 

We would also like to replace the door with an updated white one but haven't gotten to that yet. When we put in a wall for the nursery we purchased a new door for that room. We will eventually replace the other two upstairs doors with the same style.

What a huge change! We love that the space feels so bright, clean, and new! 

My little helper was also very interested in being a part of the photos!

Here is the shower insert we replaced. We went with one of the most basic designs. But we are so happy with it. It may not be pretty tile but it is completely functional and easy to clean! Which I am thinking will be a huge blessing with three little kiddos using this space.

The kids were very excited to take their first bath in their updated bathroom! It was very sweet.

I am trying to keep our under the sink storage very minimal. We have a basket of cleaning supplies, a big cup for rinsing kids off in the bath, toilet paper, and the garbage (with extra bags behind it). I love having the garbage can under the sink so I don't have to look at it! And with the minimal stuff to store, it keeps the bathroom feeling simply functional.

The top pull out drawers have great storage that goes around the plumbing to maximize space. I recently changed some things out - put all the medicine type stuff in the hallway closet out of reach and replaced that left side with hair ties and bows for our daughter now that she is in a shared room with her brother. But here is a look inside to get an idea of how we are using it.

By not having anything out on the counters the bathroom continues to feel clean and clutter free! Purging and only storing things we use on a regular basis has been key! I am so happy with our beautiful little bathroom.