Master Bedroom Tour | Washington

Sometime before the world shut down in 2020 I took some photos of our master bedroom and never shared the photos! So while these photos are probably a year and a half old, it gives a general idea of our bedroom. Since then we have moved a few things around and my husband now has a desk set up in here as he continues to work from home. But with the size of the space and the furniture we have in here, it has remained mostly the same.

In our house in Virginia, our sectional configuration did not work with our living room layout so we purchased an additional piece. So this extra part of our sectional needs a place to be stored and we were grateful to be able to fit it into our bedroom.

We also have our electric fireplace that we also bought in Virginia that needed a place as we have a wood burning fireplace now. I just didn't have the heart to get rid of it and it still feels relatively new for the few years we have had it. So luckily this also fit in our room for the time being! It sure is hard to move every few years and try to make furniture pieces work within each house. But I was determined to make it happen!

Since we have such large windows in this house I started doubling up the window treatments. All our curtains are from Ikea and we had extras that were purchased for our last house. In our bedroom and in our living room I put two curtain panels on each side to make them feel more heavy. I really love how they look.

Perhaps the best part of this room is the view to our backyard. I remember when we first moved in and we were still sleeping on air mattresses before all our things got delivered. We would wake up each morning to the most incredible view and felt so grateful that we got to live in this beautiful place. Now that I look at these pictures, I think it was snowing that day! Hence the well lit pictures in an otherwise darkish climate!

It has been fun to be creatively challenged to use our furniture in different ways in each of our homes. Some of our bigger purchases like our bed and couch continue to bring so much joy. I am really happy that we took the time to find investment pieces like these that we truly love and are so easily interchangeable.

My husband just started going back in to the office once a week. So while I will miss having him around, I am excited to have the bedroom back to relax in, get dressed in, and simply enjoy this space.