Life Is For Living

Last summer my parents were in town visiting so I got a little picnic and journal in the park time to myself. I took these pictures to share but never did. I stumbled upon them today and the words I jotted down in my journal a year ago, still rings true today. I think I need to start up another journal for these timely reminders.

Life is for Living

Things I'm Learning:

+ differentiate between what I can and can't control

+ pivot: changing how I see things, what I expect, the things I value, how I spend my time

+ finding joy in the simple

+ I get to choose how I live

+ filter out the discouraging - amplify the encouraging

+ whatever is lovely

+ how can I do less so that I can live more?

+ I am not alone. there are people who are on the same page as me. just because I don't feel like the majority, doesn't mean I am alone in my feelings.

+ I am not meant to be silent. speak with grace and truth always. my voice matters.