Simple Laundry Room Organization

We made a few updates to our laundry room making it more efficient and tidy! A laundry space that is easy to work in makes the mundane task so much more enjoyable. Here is a look at how the laundry room appeared before we moved in:

We sold the washer and dryer that came with the house and brought ours with us. 

My husband installed these simple shelves above where I store and fill all my excess wicker baskets. When my husband was working from home due to the pandemic, he moved the printer into the laundry room so that he could access it easier from where he worked. It's not my favorite but I have gotten used to it! And I am learning to embrace functional over style a little better these days (hello three kids and a smallish house!).

The plug ins for the washer and dryer limit to where they can be put so we are stuck with having them on each side of the wall. We put a small shelf in between for holding supplies and our large photo printer.

We also have had humidity and mold issues in the early fall when the weather is still warm but the rain begins to return. Because of that we have switched to metal baskets instead of wicker ones for enclosed or tight spaces.

One of my favorite features is the simple and condensed everyday cleaners we use. We keep all of our cleaning supplies and other laundry stuff in the drawers beneath the washer. But our detergent and all purpose house cleaner gets kept on top. We also have powder detergent, vinegar, and a tray of extra inserts for cloth diapering.

I labeled all our cleaning bottles and WOAH. So happy. Who knew joy could come from such the smallest of things? I use this label maker and spray bottles with silicone boots are from Grove Collaborative.

A recent new find are these awesome plastic easy to pour bottles. I like that they are short so they can fit better than my usual giant bottle of vinegar. I also use them to store house paint. I then pour the paint into a leftover single serving yogurt container to paint. No messy paint cans to deal with. GAME CHANGER.

A set of hooks holds our kids extra stuff that I don't need in the entryway everyday. They are the occasional use stuff but I don't want to go upstairs each time I need them things!

Behind the door stores those awkwardly big things I need a place for.

We also hang our vacuum in here, store our paper shredder, have one small laundry basket (I finally realized I didn't need a gigantic one!), and our diaper pail (with two kids in cloth diapers, we decided it was easier to bring one dirty diaper downstairs instead of bringing down the giant gross bag of diapers when it got full. And then into the wash it goes).

I don't love doing laundry but I sure do love an efficient laundry room! These simple changes have made a huge difference in my everyday laundry doing life. :)