The Crossover Of Seasons


Our hydrangeas are still in bloom while the leaves from the trees continue to fall. The crossover of seasons is encouraging me to pause. To not rush but instead savor. Slowness is hard with three little ones but I’m finding small intentional moments throughout the day can foster my desire for a slower pace.

+ warm cozy boots on a cold day
+ flavored creamer with a nod to the season
+ store bought pulled pork for a comforting home cooked meal without too much prep
+ cuddling during my kids tv time instead of running to get things done
+ a blanket in the grass with the little ones when we arrive early to preschool pick up instead of just sitting in the car on my phone

Every day is filled with a little beauty if I’m willing to stop and see it.


  1. Beautiful as always, friend. I love how you soak up the luscious details. Much love from my heart to yours! -Marie at the Lazy W xoxoxo

    1. Thank you sweet friend! Wishing you a wonderful fall and holiday season full of savoring! xo


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