Two Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes

Our littlest one is eating table food now (cue crying) and so we are slowly introducing new foods each week. I pulled out an old favorite recipe for these two ingredient banana egg pancakes to make and they were a hit.

My big kids like this breakfast dish as well but once they are big enough to pour their own cereal, I forget to add this one into the rotation! I am glad to bring it back, and my kids are too! Find the recipe below.

This is seriously two ingredients and so easy! Banana and egg - that's it!

Banana Egg Pancakes

2 eggs

1 banana

Mash banana (I use a potato masher on a cutting board) and mix with eggs until blended. Heat up on a greased skillet like you would regular pancakes. Then serve!

Sometimes these get a little messy in the pan. I find that making on lower heat keeps from burning and smaller spoonfuls make for easier flipping.

*I usually double this when making for two kids - a toddler and infant.