Christmas Home 2021 | Washington

Happy almost Christmas! The season always seems to fly by but I managed to snap a few photos of our holiday home. 

I have diligently been working on downsizing some of our things and this Christmas season was a reflection of that. Less stuff and more time for the everyday. It felt right for this year. 

I am learning that it doesn't have to always be one way or another. I am allowed to change and adjust with however life plays out and there is a lot of freedom in that. Our decor became an accent to our everyday. A nod to the season and not so much of a takeover.

Wherever you are this season, over the top or perhaps more minimal, I hope it is a happy one! Thanks for joining me in our little holiday home tour.

My mom painted the indoor side of our front door for me. We still have the trim to finish but it is a happy update for us!

We gained so much more living space by moving the tree to another spot this year. I downsized my desk area down to a small table just big enough for our computer. It makes the room feel so much more spacious and comfortable. I am looking forward to enjoying the openness even more come the new year without our Christmas decor.

A few other changes - I had doubled up on curtains on each side of our windows before but decided to try and pull them in to the middle as pictured. It cozied up the space while still featuring the windows. I also tried layering our older white rug with a rug from the nursery and it instantly brought some color and contrast. I am very happy with it and it gave life to our white rug for a little longer (it's getting pretty dirty!).

We have been making holiday treats every few weeks this past month. I have been trying to be really casual about our Christmas activities. If I plan too much I either get overwhelmed with having too much or disappointed if I don't follow through. Doing a little at a time has been good for me.

We love the bakery sugar cookie kits from the grocery store! If we have time and I have the energy, we also make from scratch. But buying these kits at least once during the season ensures we decorate cookies in a way that is easy for me.

This year we painted ornaments - one for our tree and some for the grandmas. I tell myself that this does not have to be a yearly tradition. We just do it the years that I want to with no expectations.

I also make my kids wear our festive hats for a photo and then they immediately want to take them off! I keep them nearby so we can grab them on a photo whim!

Happy Holidays!