Easter Baskets + My Three Little Easter Bunnies

We are all very excited for Easter this weekend! I gathered up my little crew for a few Easter bunny ears photos and finished up their baskets.

This will be our little guy's first Easter! With how the dates landed, he was born after Easter last year and already turned one before this year's Easter. So a whole year of no Easter for this guy. But keeping up with tradition, I still took a picture of him in his basket for his first Easter. It is safe to say he is probably a little too big! But I couldn't help myself...my sweet baby boy rolling around in his basket like a barrel bobbing in water!

Here is a line up of all our baskets this year. The baskets are from Pottery Barn Kids and continue to hold up well each year. Every one got a stuffed baby, something they wanted, and then filled in with a few little things we had collected the past few months (things that were asked for or extra birthday gifts we ended up holding onto for later), a couple of treats, and some sandals we bought while on a recent trip. 

I ended up buying grass for the first time to fill in the large baskets. It is proving helpful in making the giant baskets feel more full but with less stuff! I also save these stuffed carrots I got a few years ago as a decorative filler each year.

Plus a little basket for mom and dad. We deserve treats too?

Links for some of our Easter basket items:

Little Mommy Book

Bunny Bead Kit

Calico Critters

Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Lego City Race Car

Honey Bunny Book

Dog Stuffed Animal

Snack Cup (our favorite!)

Water Bottle (another family favorite brand)

Fruit and Sandwich Cutters


  1. Oh my goodness – these photos are just WAY too cute!! Your kids are always adorable... And then Judah in the basket... My heart is melting!! ♡ Those itty bitty rainbows are precious too! I didn't realize they made sandals that small... But they're basically my size! ;) And yes, Mom and Dad DEFINITELY deserve an Easter basket of their own!!

    1. Aww...thank you so much! Those rainbows are too much, aren't they!? So sweet. Thank you so much for the kind comment. Happy Easter!


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