Our Daughter's Magical Sparkly Third Birthday

In February our sweet girl turned three! She sure is growing up quickly. We had a special day full of pink, sparkly stars, and magical moments with our much loved girl.

The main decoration for the party was this balloon and crepe paper backdrop that I pretty much made in the dark! Brent was working from home at the time so we were down a room come naptime. So the baby was sleeping in the dining room with the white noise blasting through our home speakers. So I put together all the crepe paper in the dark while the baby slept!

It was pretty simple to make though a bit time consuming. I placed a line of string on our mantel and then glued on strips of crepe paper. I trimmed the length as I went to get the look I wanted. Once the first layer of crepe paper was glued on I just glued more pieces on top until it was full enough.

This mini glue container with brush was a life saver! My son used these at preschool and so we had to get some for home! I could easily paint on a little glue so that it didn't drip all over the place. We now use these as well whenever my kids use glue for crafts.

Her gift from us was an Ikea dollhouse that I dressed up with a little paint and scrapbook paper.

I bought a premade unicorn decorating kit from our local grocery store (they often have them at Safeway or Haggen) and decorated them for the party. We weren't really going for a unicorn theme but I would say it was definitely unicorn inspired!

A happy day for our happy girl!