Favorite Bows For Baby Girls And Toddlers


A friend of mine recently asked for my recommendation for favorite baby girl bows. I happily obliged, taking a trip down memory lane when our girl was teeny tiny. Look at that sweet baby! I can barely stand it! 

We loved bows for our baby girl and well through the toddler years. While it is easy to want all the bows, I found a preference for certain ones that we ended up wearing over and over.

For babies, I liked two headband bows that she wore constantly. They both are linen bows on nylon headbands.

 Small size linen headband bows


And into the toddler years, I really liked similar style bows but in a clip.

Linen hair bow clips


For bows with clips, some come with alligator clips and others come with ribbon covering them so they can slide more easily and not pull on hair. I found that both were helpful in different stages. When she started being able to pull bows out, the ribbon covered ones would just come right out. I found that the exposed alligator clip allowed the bow to stay in longer when age appropriate.

Our daughter still wears bows now and I try to continue to do her hair, even when she refuses, so that we keep it as a regular habit. Currently at age three, she has a preference! We use vintage 80s 90s plastic barrettes that were mine growing up as well as ribbon for ponytails (this is the ribbon I purchased).

I also made a few bows using suede (like the one in the first picture of this post) and ribbon. Here is a quick tutorial on how I made them.