Father's Day Painted Rocks

My kids LOVE to make stuff. Perhaps they get it from their mama. But creating together is one of my favorite things - one of those intentional activities that fills up both my cup and theirs. For Father's Day we made some simple and sweet painted rocks for all the dads in our lives. And then once we got started on making Father's Day gifts they just couldn't stop...

They wanted to wrap their gifts...and then decorate the wrapping!

They filled up our whole art wall with Father's Day cards, airplanes, and coloring pages. It sure was sweet. They love their daddy.

For the rocks, each kid got to pick complementary paint colors for their rocks and then they painted one for daddy, grandpa, and papa!

My hope is that these are fun little mementos that can be put on a desk or dresser that will make these dads feel loved.

My little artists...and the mischievous littlest one. :)

We had a happy low key day. I made barbecue pork sandwiches and an ice cream cake and we all settled in for a family movie. We are grateful for our favorite guy!