Shrinky Dink Handwritting Keychain | Father's Day Gift

We made these fun shrinky dink keychains for Father's Day this year. Our oldest who is in kindergarten wrote out the names. And my other two kids colored stars and hearts I drew for them. They came out really sweet and will hopefully be a treasured gift for years to come. If anything, I will be especially nostalgic to have our son's handwriting preserved in this special way.

For the handwriting shrinky dink process, we followed this tutorial. It was a bit stressful as I was 37 weeks pregnant, exhausted, and they kept curling up in the oven. But I followed the directions and tips and they all came out perfectly. They just took a really long time to flatten in the oven. Much longer than what the directions stated. But a little patience as well as trial and error was all worth it!

The supplies we used included white shrinky dink sheets, key chains, and markers.

My oldest also made a few keychains for himself. They are too cute! He proudly has them all hanging on his backpack.