Retro Car Birthday Party

Our son turned two a few months ago and we celebrated with a retro car birthday theme. It was such a fun day celebrating our car loving boy.

We had a vehicles and cars birthday party for our older son when he turned three and it is still one of my favorites. I loved setting up the toy train tracks as a road for toy cars and wanted to replicate that in a new way. So I purchased some Candylab cars to make this car party go retro.

I also used Meri Meri race car decor for that vintage feel.

I made a cake for my daughter's birthday just a few months before that fell completely apart. So I made them into cake pops and froze them to use for this party instead! No cake to be wasted! I was just a little over a month away from giving birth so having these premade were a huge help.

I painted a piece of poster board to make the large two sign. I made checkered and colored triangles for the banners. You can find them at the end of this post to download and print.

Such a happy boy! I just love waiting downstairs in our living room as our kids come down to see the party. They are so excited and race around the room finding all the little details and decorations.

And the highlight of the party? Seeing our little guy wander over to the table in the midst of all the gifts and balloons to climb up and play with his cars on the track. He truly is a car loving boy and it was so fun to see him soak it all in.

I made all the triangle banners and stars to print and cut out. You can use my templates below to create your own! Save the image and then print.