A Familiar Place


We recently returned to a park that we hadn't been to in over a year and a half. We used to walk here almost every week with a friend during the pandemic. Back then it was just two little ones in the stroller. This time we had no stroller, three big kids, and I carried the littlest. 

I decided I liked the idea of coming back to an old familiar place after some time. Seeing them run off into the woods together made me realize they sure are growing up fast. 

I used to always be about wanting to go someplace new. Now I like the slower pace of the familiar. Sure, I still like new places and adventures. But there is also something special about coming back year after year with my kids and seeing them and the place grow a little. Maybe even a chance for me to self reflect on how far I have come as well.

It is easy to get swept up in the go, go, go of our society. But motherhood has taught me to step back and take it in. Wisdom of time has proven that the days pass quickly. So I hope I will look back and know I savored it the best I could.