New Mindset For A New Year


I have been working through my new 2024 Powersheets as I usually do each January. And I loved a section that was on upgrading your mindest. The prompt says "Upgrading a limiting mindset can free you to pursue your most purposeful year! Name any negative thought patterns below, then write how you might reframe them."

It was so encouraging that I wanted to share it here. How might you upgrade some of your mindsets as we start a new year?


Negative Mindset > Positive Mindset

I don't have enough time > My priorities have shifted to cultivating the hearts and souls of my precious children

I am unhappy with my body > I am learning to accept my body in different seasons of life, specifically in this season of motherhood

People don't understand me > Many of my ideals are counter-cultural. Living the life I want is more important than fitting in.

It's hard to make friends > I'm learning to accept that relationships come and go. I am VERY blessed to have my family (my husband as my best friend and my precious children) and a few close friends.

*My new favorite Happy New Year sign can be found here. And here is a similar one if it is out of stock. I finally ordered it in the fall so that I would have it in time for NYE after all the craziness of Christmas.