A Little Sneak Peek

CIMG1170If only I did not feed this into my Facebook and shamelessly advertise my blog to all my wedding guests…CIMG1168Please know I would be posting every single stinking white dress I tried on…so for now this will have to do.  I know, I am such a tease.  But please know it is as hard for me as it is for you.  But yes, I bought a dress.  And it is a dream come true. 

What type of dress did you wear or hope to wear on your wedding day?


  1. Ashley, congratulations again. I think looking for a wedding dress is so much fun. I can't wait to see yours! My dress was white, squared neck and a very long train,(longer than I originally thought). Sequined and almost frosted. I got married in January and it reminded me of snowflakes all over the dress. I loved it, and like you...the happiest day in my life!

  2. How fun! I'm sure you'll be sharing wedding pics but we'll all be on the edge of our seats waiting;-)

    My dress was white, high necked, long sleeved, chapel train and wintery as we married in December. It was also very very small as I was a wisp of a gal then!

    It's so exciting, getting glimpses of your wedding planning☺

  3. Oh, you are going to be such a pretty bride! :) You are such a tease, haha. ;)

    My dress was not my first choice. My mom refused to buy my first choice (long story), but my veil was beautiful! :)

  4. My dress was irridescent green and I wore a dyed cathedral veil. I loved my dress. I suppose all brides do. ;-) Glad you found "the one"!

  5. I"m loving this wedding stuff! I wore an A-line dress that was tiered at the bottom and the train was beaded with some see through cut outs. I had a veil that had little pearls on it and my Jessica McClintock tiara had flowers and beading that matched the flowery vine beading along the top of my dress PERFECTLY.

    I SO would have picked something else now that I think of it!
    If you need a tiara, you are welcome to borrow mine!

  6. I know it is beautiful! I'm so thrilled for you and love hearing all your exciting plans!

  7. Getting the dress is the best! That is the part that really makes you feel like a princess.
    I designed mine and had it made. It was a very pale shade of blue with a sheer overlay that went to the floor but the fabric underneath was cut asymmetrical and was just above my knees.

  8. I was married in 1990 and had the typical 80's dress. It was amazing and had the largest sleeves. I'm shocked both my Dad and me fit down the ilse together. ha. If I ever get married again, it will be must simpler and not as heavy. LOL Can't wait to see what you picked out.

  9. Since I just got married last year, my dress is still in style. it's an A line strapless dress. You can see a pic of it as my twitter background. www.twitter.com/risarae

  10. Stapless, lace and pearls, tea length in front and ankle length in back.

  11. That looks so fun! I spent about an hour bored at work yesterday looking at wedding dresses online, and I'm not even engaged yet :) I kind of want something a little different and unique, not just a typical strapless gown. I've heard trying a million wedding gowns on is exhausting, but it looks like fun!

  12. Glad you have a dress and would have loved to see the pictures of the dresses you tried on.

    My dress was made by a little old lady who owned a fabric store. I took pictures from magazines and said, "I want this front, these sleeves, this back, and this train. She took measurements and without a pattern put all of those components together into my dream dress. Where do people get such talent?

    Enjoy these days leading up to your wedding!

  13. for my (first) wedding i chose an ivory off-the-shoulder sweetheart with a fairly full skirt and a wee bit of pearl beading on the bodice and scalloped hem. i loved that dress! but i HIGHLY regretted spending 10% of my meager budget on it so THIS time i am going for a bridesmaids or other handmade party dress!! i'm not spending more than $250!

  14. Congrats Ashley! I'm so happy to hear that you've got your dress picked out. I cant wait to see it!

    Famous dresses Ive worn include:

    5 years old: A white fluffy number for my Uncle Matt's wedding; I was a flower girl.

    7 years old: Floral and lace for my first communion.

    16 years old: For junior prom, a lavender number that tied up in the back.

    18 years old: A pink shiny floor length for my HS senior formal. Hated my date.

    22 years old: A BCBG stunner with tool trimming for my College senior formal. Went all over SF looking for it and ended up having it shipped from some other state.

    22 years old: A $98 jungle print halter from Arden B. for college graduation. It was classier than it sounds.

    22 years old: Classic black for my mom's funeral. Sad Face.

    24 years old: Sage and mint green strapless for Jessie's wedding.

    25: Black and pink Bebe number for my graduate school graduation. Darling dress..and a total surprise when I found out it was a medium and still way too big! yay!!!

  15. Congratulations, Ashley! It's so exciting!!! Pssst...Now, tell me your secret: how'd you get your man to pop the question? LOL! I've been working on this one for over a year now! Hehehehe!

    I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS on being featured on The Blonde Duck's blog!!! I read your interview and just fell in love with ya! You are very talented!



  16. Yah for a dress! I can't wait to see it when you can share all the goods with us!

  17. Dress shopping is so much fun. I wonder if you ended up with something that was similar to what you envisioned starting out or different. Mine was different than what I thought I'd want but I totally fell in love with it and still love it! Lots of lace, a kind of vintage look . . . I wore my mom's veil during the ceremony and a headpiece that my grandma and I made for the reception. I loved them both!







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