They Notice

CIMG9824I was pleasantly surprised the other day to find out that my husband notices more than I thought he did…

But let me first explain Brent.  He is a man’s man.  He goes to his office job each day but deep down he is a get in the dirt, work on the car, wash the bottom of the shower a million times a day because his dirt sticks like glue kind of man.  He does not care about the frills of the home like some men do.

So my manly husband Brent said to me the other day, “Thanks for always making the bed.”  What, says the man whom I have NEVER seen make his own bed?!?!  You notice that I make the bed everyday?  And there was my revelation…half of the reason I make the bed everyday is for me and my tidyness perfectionism…but little did I know that my husband appreciated…AND vocalized an appreciation for a tidy bed.  Who knew?

There is a lot of stereotypes about women who stay at home and have nothing to do (and spend all their husband’s money).  But if I can prove that stereotype wrong by having a husband who notices and appreciates that I take care of our home…I have made my fellow housewives proud.

So…yes, it is okay to make your bed at 4 pm.  I sometimes do.  Because for all he knows, it has been made all day.  ;)