A Summer Quilt

CIMG1168I used to think it was silly or unnecessary to change a comforter out for the season.  I knew all I wanted was a great big giant white comforter to use all year around.CIMG1163And then I realized why people do it.

I got married.

I got a big expensive {and hot} comforter for a wedding gift.

I started paying an air conditioning bill.

My husband started asking me if I was going through menopause at 25.  {yep, that’s how old I am.  secrets out.}

Enter summer comforter.  Cooler, lighter, and still matches the decor.  I picked this one up from Marshall’s and it is a DKNY king.  Most inexpensive white quilt I could find.

{and you might be wondering, wow, that doesn’t look like a king.  nope, it’s a futon actually.  yes, we sleep on a futon, double padding though in my defense.  maybe if I wasn’t so concerned about having a summer quilt, we could afford a bigger bed.  one day}CIMG1164Hello California heat.

Do you change out your bedding for the seasons?


  1. I do! I put the heavy blanket away and have something lighter on my bed... and yes, my husband alo aked if I was through the same problem at age 30... lol why do they do that?

  2. I do too. Everything is changed. I use lighter fabric sheets as well along with a lighter blanket (which I kick off because I get hot) and the comforter is a cotton fabric!
    Nothing heavy!!!

  3. Yes, I take off the heavy comforter and leave my sheet and quilt on the bed. It's a white quilt and very comfortable.

  4. YES! Definitely. My husband is like a furnace and I just couldn't take both him and the down comforter now that the nights are so much warmer. I was waking up sweating in the middle of the night and it was driving me crazy. I switched to a light-weight comforter this week and have been sleeping much better the last few days.

  5. I do too! My winter comforter is my favorite and I wish I could use it all year round. It is so soft and heavy but way too warm for the summertime!

    I love your new white comforter. It is just beautiful!!

  6. I change it too. I blame my Mon-ster and her ever desire for decorating all the time even though she lives in summer like weather year around. We have a chocolate brown and blue conforter for winter; I'm slowly building our white set for the summer (We have a queen bed but expecting delivery of a king). If you see me and the hubs you'll understand why a bigger bed is need.

  7. Nope, not yet. I plan to make slip covers to change the look of my pillows for the fall (from blue to orange and browns)

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  9. I don't change the bedding - but I do put blankets all around in the winter!

  10. Yes I change out my bedding too. It's too hot otherwise.

  11. We don't change out the top quilt, but I put a down comforter on under my quilt in the winter. It is so nice when we take it off in the summer, it feels so light and we sleep much better, too.


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