A Summer Quilt

CIMG1168I used to think it was silly or unnecessary to change a comforter out for the season.  I knew all I wanted was a great big giant white comforter to use all year around.CIMG1163And then I realized why people do it.

I got married.

I got a big expensive {and hot} comforter for a wedding gift.

I started paying an air conditioning bill.

My husband started asking me if I was going through menopause at 25.  {yep, that’s how old I am.  secrets out.}

Enter summer comforter.  Cooler, lighter, and still matches the decor.  I picked this one up from Marshall’s and it is a DKNY king.  Most inexpensive white quilt I could find.

{and you might be wondering, wow, that doesn’t look like a king.  nope, it’s a futon actually.  yes, we sleep on a futon, double padding though in my defense.  maybe if I wasn’t so concerned about having a summer quilt, we could afford a bigger bed.  one day}CIMG1164Hello California heat.

Do you change out your bedding for the seasons?