Fashionista Friday #15

It’s been awhile since a Fashionista Friday post.  I decided to start numbering them to keep them in order.  As the weather gets a little nicer here in Sacramento, I hope to show you some of my Spring outfits.  So…this is what I have been wearing…
Fashionista Friday 151
Grey ruffled sweater: TJ Maxx
White shirt: hand me down
Skirt: Target
Leggings: Ross
Belt and Head Band: Charlotte Rouse Outlet {Vacaville, Ca}
Gold Flats: Off Broadway Shoes
Fashionista Friday 15
Pink Button Up Shirt: Thrift
Black Blazer: Target Clearance {do you remember, I bought it for my substitute teaching interview way back when}
Necklace: Macy’s Sale
Jean Capris: Old Navy
Black Wedges: Ross
Fashionista Friday 153
And since the weather has been so weird…we have had a few cold and rainy days…hats are great for days I am running out of the house and don’t have time to do my hair.  Both hats from Macy’s {hats are tricky for me to wear so I am willing to invest in ones I really love}.
Fashionista Friday 152
What are you looking forward to wearing this Spring?  Me?  Flip flops!!!  My toes need to be free!
* * * * *
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  1. You look so cute in hats!! I cannot pull off the look...wish I could. :s You always have cute outfits.

  2. Oh, my goodness! Such cute outfits!!! I cannot pull off hats at all. You look adorable in yours!

  3. I love the black blazer! looks amazing on you :)

  4. Here in Maine, I won't be wearing capri's till august at this rate!!! Love your outfits and think you have great style! Have a great day!


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