A Colorful Fall

This year was a struggle for me to get my fall decor out.  I found I was discontent with a few things around the house that needed to be fixed before I could jump into the next few months of holiday decorating.  This lead to about a weeks worth of redecorating {which I now love and will show you it all very soon!}.  I realized I wanted more color.  And fall was the perfect time to embrace some bright bold colors that will bring me into Christmas {I have already decided I am thinking it will be a "Cotton Candy Christmas!"}.  I am so excited to show you my colorful fall decorations...I just love how whimsical it all looks. 

Some colorful pumpkins mixed with some neutral colors makes the decor fun but not over the top.

{And those are my vintage tea pots I was talking about on Facebook that I considered getting rid of.  With a little cleaning, I am very much in love with them again!}

I went to the Bella Vista High School craft fair this weekend and added some owls {from my favorite crafter there} to go along with my vulture I picked up last year.

This felt leaf garland was inspired by Elsie's idea over at A Beautiful Mess.

And a box of neutral beads from the craft store made into more garland that was inspired by The Nester's bead garland

I carried on a similar theme in our bathroom...

And a little of spooky for Halloween...

What colors do you use to decorate for fall?

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  1. Oh fun! I love the colorful garland!

  2. it's all so cute! I use blues/blacks/off-whites... weird I know but it works for us!

  3. Oh I love owls, I was just in Pier 1 today and was about to take one home.
    I have lots of Halloween stuff, much more than fall...but mainly Orange, black and whites, a few browns that will continue throughout thanksgiving.

  4. I love where your fall decor is headed! Since we've been in LA for the past seven years, there's really not much of a "fall" here, and it's always felt weird to even put pumpkins out. It starts to feel like fall around Thanksgiving, I suppose. But now that we're spending half the time in the north, where there are true seasons, I'm excited to try to rekindle my love of autumn. And I always appreciate reminders that fall decor doesn't have to be that very 70s-looking orange and brown color scheme!

  5. I loooove the garlands! Everything looks fantastic. :)

  6. Love it. Absolutely love it.

    I decorate w/ red year round & the last few years have incorporated the seasons for accent colors. Red goes w/ everything. ;-)

  7. Nancy@CrookedStitchesOctober 04, 2011 10:36 PM

    I am so excited to see some of my favorite creations on display in someones home!! I did a search for Bella Vista pics and your blog came up- thanks so much for the nice comment!
    I love how you have arranged Edgar Vulture and White Owl, and my "spooky" cards look awesome as a garland!!Ah-ha so you are the one who got the little yellow pumpkin I almost kept!haha Please come to the St.Johns Craft Fair and then post pics of my Christmas stuff, seeing this has made my day! Thanks a bunch, Nancy

  8. I need to brave my shed and pull out my fall boxes. I've hardly decorated the last few years but I'm itching to do it this year :)

    Everything looks so nice! The beads are super cute!


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