New Years Eve Tree

Before you put away all of your Christmas decorations, keep out one little tree for this fun New Year's Eve tree.  Whether you have planned a night out on the town or a cozy evening at home, having this little tree around for the next few days will add some 2012 festivity to your home.  Right now you can find all sorts of NYE paraphernalia at most local stores.  I picked up mine last year from Walmart and it came with a big box of goodies.

I shared on Facebook that I had big plans of putting away my Christmas decor a few days ago, but like I shared earlier today, I just have not had the energy or time.  Christmas for us continued up through this week with out of town family visiting so we haven't had a lot of time for much these last few days.  I decided that it was okay to wait another week before taking it all down and that sleeping in and trying to recover from this cold was a better option. 

You can also check out my New Year's Tree from last year...has a whole different look on a silver tree!

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!


  1. LOOOOOVE this idea! totally doing this next year!

  2. Oh my word! What a fabulous idea! I am totally borrowing this idea next year!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  3. Clever! I'm going to keep a small tree out and decorate it for the different holidays throughout the year! Really enjoy your blog. God bless you and yours in the new year!

  4. cute, cute, cute! I am getting ready to put my trees away and keep debating leaving the red, white and pink out for Valentines Day.

    Just added you as the featured blogger on the BlogHer DIY home page. Thanks for sharing so much cute stuff here.

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  6. Such a fun idea - got to tuck it away for next year!

  7. I've never heard of a NYE tree but I AM LOVING IT! I might even decorate a birthday tree on my birthday with everything I love :)

    Happy New Year to you!!!


  8. you always come up with the cutest ideas... love it!

  9. We always keep our Christmas decor up until at least New Year's. Ha
    This year, we kept our 4 foot white tree out and decorated it as a Valentine's Tree. :-)You can see some pics of it on my blog...

  10. Happy new year, Ashley! I love this tree, as I do all of your creative decor! :-)

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