Vintage and Handmade Inspired Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day vignette

I big fat puffy heart Valentine's Day.  It's probably one of my favorite holidays.  I love pink.  I love hearts.  I love flowers.  I love chocolate covered anything.  I have been thinking about Valentine's Day since the week before Christmas.  My husband thinks I am crazy.

But the time is here.  It is socially acceptable for me to show my love for love and so today I share with you my Valentine's Day decorated home.  I wanted to be true to my never ending love for Valentine's Day but still stick with my recent minimalist decorating mentality.  My goal was to wow on less and I think I got it!

A few years ago I made this "Be Mine" banner and it's still one of my favorite decorations.  Other handmade decor has come and gone through the years but this one has proven it's sticking around.  There is something about Valentine's Day that calls for paper and handmade things so I love filling our home with doilies, vintage cards, and bits of ribbon and lace.  

The hanging doilies are a repeat as well.  I just cannot get enough of them.  I am thinking they are going to make the perfect background for a little group photo come Valentine's Tea time.

hanging heart doilies for Valentine's Day

I found an old school Happy Valentine's Day banner at a scrapbook store over Thanksgiving while we were out of town visiting family.  The problem was I didn't consider just how big the banner was going to be so I decided to take it apart and just hang the valentine part instead.

Valentines' Day banner

My genius husband later suggested that I hang the "Happy" above and the "Day" below "Valentine's" but I am too lazy and happy with how it looks to change it.  Maybe next year.  But I am telling you, I think we should all start calling him Mr. Domestic Fashionista from now on but he already told me he doesn't approve of such thing (I told him once that Kate from Centsational Girl sometimes calls her husband Mr. Centsational and that I could call him Mr. Domestic Fashionista but he didn't like it.  He said at least the other guy gets to be considered sensational not a fashionista!).

A few fresh flowers also add a little life to this cold January and upcoming February.  Pastel pinks and purples are so romantic to me and were all I needed to finish off our Valentine's themed dining room.