Backyard Anniversary Dinner Party

Backyard dinner party

Earlier this Spring we celebrated my parent's wedding anniversary with a little dinner party in our backyard.  This was the first debut of our new backyard lights so we were pretty excited!  We also used round tables compared to the usual rectangle ones and I loved the intimate feel it provided. 

I've noticed over the past year my tablescapes are pretty predictable.  The same vases, candle holders, etc.  Though I love a little change I am reminded that I am settling on a simpler way to entertain having on stock all the essentials in white to easily be used and combined for any occasion.  To change things up a little bit I used a burlap runner to dress up the table and these Princess House plates my mother in law passed down to me.  Just a few small details made the table seem new and fresh.

I am enjoying the variety of flowers fresh cut from our garden as well.  Most of the flowers are in the pink and white category so they work well with my entertaining and home decor.  Being able to just snip a few flowers from the yard before having guests over is one less thing I have to get from the store as well as provides much joy and contentment from my time gardening.

Enjoying our home is a great gift and I feel like the simpler I make things while still making it pretty makes our home so peaceful and purposeful.  It is not crowded by a bunch of stuff but instead everything has a purpose surrounded around loving others and living in community.

We served strawberry and basil water along with grapefruit (from our yard) lemonade.

We ate chicken lasagna rolls and kale cranberry salad (from Costco).

For dessert we had ice cream sundaes topped with peanut butter marshmallow cream from a local ice cream shop.  This stuff is divine so I tried to remake it myself using peanut butter, marshmallow cream, and heavy whipping cream and it came out pretty good! 

And as the night gets later the lights just keep getting better.