Just Ingredients: Chicken, Zucchini, and Ricotta Cheese Lasagna Rolls

Chicken Lasagna Roll Up with Zucchinni and Ricotta Cheese

I am a big fan of anything with chicken, cheese, some kind of green veggie, and garlic.  This recipe was created using leftovers of what I had on hand using this basic combination as the inspiration.

I like to wing it in the kitchen most of the time.  If that makes you nervous, use this as a base of your recipe but sample the chicken mixture before putting it into the rolls and add to what you think it needs to taste to your liking.  I ALWAYS taste things before they are completely put together and cooked to adjust it to how I like it.  And if it tastes bland, add more salt!

-Lasagna Noodles

Mix in a bowl:
-Ricotta cheese
-Mozzarella cheese
-Salt and Pepper
-A little milk to add some creaminess

-Parmesan Cheese
-Olive Oil

Extra topping:
-Cheese (mozarella and parmesan)
-Bread Crumbs

Chicken Lasagna Roll Up with Zucchinni and Ricotta Cheese

Add a spoonful of mixture onto end of each lasagna noodle and roll up into rolls.  Place in baking dish.  Cover with sauce, extra cheese, and bread crumbs.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until cooked through and cheese is melted.

And if you are feeling lazy, this can always just be layered like a traditional lasagna!  

You can also check out another version of my chicken lasagna roll up recipe with more detailed directions and ingredient list (this one is made with chicken, cream cheese, and spinach).