31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 22--Asking

I try to include my husband in many decisions and often ask his permission for things that include him or would affect him in some way.  The answer is usually yes but it is a courtesy we both give each other before committing to something.

I have learned that though I may not always like the answer, it is better to ask up front and be disappointed than not ask and get "caught" later.  Being honest in the beginning has always proven to be much easier to handle and on our marriage than arguments that blow up later because we never talked about it.

Sometimes I do not want to ask or even talk about things because my mind is so set on something.  But, too often, my immediate gratification feels like my real desire.  But when it explodes in my face, do I realize perhaps it was not worth it after all. 

I am continually learning to be more patient and be reminded that our home and my life and how I choose to live it, affects my husband.  We have agreed to be a team, and so we ask and talk things out so that we remain on the same page with the same goals and focus in our life together.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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