31 Days of Serving My Husband

31 Days of Serving My Husband Series

I have many passions I share here at Domestic Fashionista, but one of my biggest passions is my marriage.  It is the foundation of so many things I love and spend my time on.  When my marriage is healthy and thriving, I am a better person and find more freedom in what I do because of it.

But everyday is not a picnic when it comes to my marriage.  We have hard days.  Tired days.  Even boring days.  But that is part of life and choosing to spend it with someone else.  But I desire as a person and as a wife to never stop growing and becoming the best version of myself.  And for me a huge part of that is my role as wife and how I serve my husband.

Starting October 1st, I will be writing for 31 days straight about serving my husband.  If you are not sure if you will be interested in this series, I ask you give Day 1 a try.  I better explain my heart for this topic and why I chose to use the word "serve." 

You can come back to this page any time or after the 31 days to browse through all the posts by topic or read them in order from beginning to end (the links to the posts below will be live after the day they post).  I hope you will join me in striving to be the best wife (or maybe future wife!) you can be!

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31 Days Introduction

Day 1: Baking Cookies is Not Always Enough

Day 2: Giving Up My Time to Spend it Together

Day 3: Being His Support

Day 4: Know His Love Language

Day 5: Embracing Masculine and Feminine Roles

Day 6: Looking the Same Direction

Day 7: Having a Mentor

Day 8: Life is Not Always Perfect

Day 9: Serve is Not a Four Letter Word

Day 10: How My Husband Serves Me

Day 11: Pinpointing Distractions

Day 12: Taking Care of Yourself

Day 13: Being Available

Day 14: Knowing What is Important and What is Not

Day 15: Celebrating the Small Things

Day 16: Grateful

Day 17: Offering Help

Day 18: Servant Instead of Martyr

Day 19: I Plan Almost Everything

Day 20: Comfort in the Commitment

Day 21: When I Get in the Way

Day 22: Asking

Day 23: Saying Yes {to Intimacy}

Day 24: Train Him With Kindness

Day 25: 31 Ways to Show Your Love

Day 26: Finances

Day 27: Spending Our Days Off

Day 28: Setting the Atmosphere of My Home

Day 29: Being My Husband's Friend

Day 30: Being Honest

Day 31: You Can Have the Marriage You Want



31 Days of Serving My Husband is now available as a devotional!  Click here to find out more about the devotional full of new study questions and scripture to encourage and inspire you to an even greater marriage!