31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 4--Know His Love Language

Serving my husband through his love language.

Back when Brent and I were dating we used the book The Five Love Languages to figure out how we each best gave and received love (we just took the test and didn't read the whole book but found value in understanding our individual needs).

For me my main love language is words of affirmation.  I love a well written card and I love a kind compliment. 

For my husband, his love language is acts of service.  If I can run an errand for him, lend a helpful hand when working on a project, or prepare a yummy treat for my husband, it fills his cup.

I strive to do everything in the most effective and efficient ways.  I streamline my closet and plan out a weekly menu.  But when it comes to my marriage, I never considered looking at how I serve my husband in the same way.

What if I was to be more intentional in the words I write in his cards?  Or to listen more carefully to hear when I could lend a helping hand to free him from a task he needs to take care of.  Instead of just showering him with love that comes easiest to me.

It is not wrong to love through the way you know to love.  But to really love and honor my husband, he has specific needs that I want to be more aware of.

Consider how you are your spouse give and recieve love differently.  And if you do not know each others love languages, I encourage you to pick up the book or take their free online survey to find your personal love language.


I am loving all the discussions we have been having so far in this series.  I am trying to be good at responding in the comment section so that everyone can benefit.  Especially if you do not have an email attached to your comment, please come back to the post later to see if you have a reply.  I am gaining so much from everyone's input and encouragement!  Thank you for being here!!! xo

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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