31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 15--Celebrate the Small Things

If you know me for any short length of time, you will find I love to celebrate everything.  I love the holidays as well as birthdays and an anniversary of anything.  Celebrating comes naturally to me and is one of my ways of showing love.  It also gives me an excuse to be creative in cooking, entertaining, and gifting.

I remember during our first year of marriage, my husband gave me a Saint Patrick's Day card (I know, right!?  We are not even Irish!).  Inside he wrote something to the extent of--thanks for making the holidays so much fun--they are more fun than I ever imagined!  I laugh at his kindness but also how silly I am when it comes to celebrating.

But the thing is, people love to be celebrated.  No one has ever complained that I sent them a card, made them a cake, or insisted on making them a gift.  The same goes for my husband.

Because celebrating and gifting in general are passions of mine, it is easy to celebrate my husband.  I realize this is a personality thing and not an expectation of a good wife.  But I serve my husband through celebrating him.  If you do not dream about celebrations and parties at night like I do, here are some ideas for how you can celebrate your spouse (or any loved one for that matter!).

Birthdays--always some sort of special dinner and dessert whether at home or out.  My husband loves pizza and Adalberto's (greasy Mexican in case you don't have that fine establishment near you) so sometimes junk food is our "special" celebration.

Work promotions/achievements--dinner out and sometimes we invite our parents.  My husband works hard.  Hard.  The least I can do is initiate dinner to recognize his hard work.  It's like going out for pizza for getting straight A's when you are kid.  Totally necessary.

Holidays--special meal, themed sugary treats, holiday gifts (like Easter baskets or Christmas stockings).  Remind you, we don't even have kids.  And when we do I still expect that the Easter bunny leaves mom a gift as well.  Right?!

Just because--a nice letter, favorite candy laid out with PJ's for after work, running an errand, baking cookies, sticky notes with nice words around the house, doing some kind of chore for him that he usually does

I realize a lot of our celebrating revolves around food.  Let's just say we are big foodies around here.  But the thing is, we try to live simply enough, that going out to eat is a celebration.  I think so many of the things we do in life these days are out of convenience when in fact they used to be special.  

I want my husband to know that I am cheering him on through life.  When I am given the opportunity to celebrate him I want to give the same energy and attention I would give to myself. 

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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