31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 16--Grateful

We celebrated our four year anniversary last week.  We enjoyed a nice dinner out and are currently on our way home from a little vacation in Oregon.  

As I looked back at the last year in reflection of writing Brent an anniversary card, I remembered at what a changing year this year has been for me.  I started the first half of the year in a rough place.  I battled with depression and a loss sense of purpose and self.  And thankfully during the second half of this year, I have experienced great healing and freedom from what I was going through as well as an even greater sense of self and purpose than I ever have had in my entire life.

Though there are many factors that helped me get through this year, it has been my husband who has been my rock.  He was the one who was always there to listen, confront me, hold me accountable, and be there when I needed to cry.  He himself was confused at how to help me but he continually was there when I needed the one person I was closest to and knew me best.

My husband and this life has given me so much.  In my own selfishness I lost sight of that.  When I am all about myself and what I want, I get to an unhealthy place.  So when I consider serving my husband, there is no question.  It is in serving him and letting go of my self that I am a better balanced person as well as have so much more joy in my life.

I was not created to live this life alone.  My soul desires companionship.  My husband is my world.  If I am not willing to serve this husband of mine, I don't deserve him.  And I never want to take that for granted.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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