31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 26--Finances

Every relationship is different but most women I know, including myself, enjoy shopping or spending money.  They say that most married couples argue more about sex and money than anything else for a reason.

Though I consider myself a frugal girl, I still enjoying shopping for clothes, things for the house, and even just for groceries!  Spending money and bringing stuff home is fun.  But it can also get me into trouble if not done wisely and on the same page as my husband.

Hiding bags of new shoes in the closet is not winning any battles in my marriage.  Through living and learning I have found that there is no thing that I must have that is worth creating turmoil in my marriage.

Instead I have learned to communicate with my husband about things I may want or need as well as am open about when I bring things home he may not know about.  I have also found that cutting out excess in my life in general, keeps me from spending and creates zero issues in our marriage when I am not consumed with stuff.

This applies not only shopping for myself but even for things I may not need like certain food items and household supplies.  Choosing to menu plan, purchasing off brand, and only buying things I really need and not just on a whim, keep our budget in order and make for less financial stress in our marriage.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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