31 Days of Serving My Husband: Introduction

31 Days of Serving My Husband

Back in May, it was exactly a week since I had written my post about some honest things in my life.  I was taking time away from being online to refocus and work on being a healthier me.  As I considered blogging and my voice on this platform, over and over, marriage really tugged on my heart.

A month or so earlier I had shared on Facebook some thoughts about two 31 days series I wanted to do.  One was about simple living and the other was about serving my husband.  From those who commented, it was almost unanimous that readers wanted to hear about serving my husband.

Following that incident there have been a handful of conversations with people who are curious about our marriage and how we make it work.  People tell us that our marriage is unique or is an encouragement to them and when I hear this I am so surprised.  It is as if our marriage has been telling a story that I didn't even know we were telling.

With great humility and anxiousness I began to feel a tug on my heart to write about my marriage and more specifically, how I serve my husband.  And then the next day we would get into an argument and I would think, who am I to give marriage advice?  But that is the thing.  We do not have a perfect marriage and we argue, disagree, act selfishly, and all those other things that everyone deals with in marriage.  But that is what makes us relate-able.  We can thrive in our marriage but still be human and have difficult seasons.  And apparently that is a rare treasure and gift to have to be able to go through life together. 

So as I write the next 31 days I do not desire to appear like we have it all together but instead that we work really hard to have the best marriage we could possibly have.  And since I am the one writing this, more specifically, daily I have to put aside my own selfish desires and serve my husband to make this work.

Serve is kind of a scary word.  I looked up the definition and the first thing it said was servant.  There are so many negative things that come from putting the word servant + husband together, but my hope is to share that in serving your husband (and really anyone), it can bring much joy, peace, and purpose in the role of wife that can bless you beyond what you ever imagined.

And so in a moment of confidence, I made the announcement that this 31 days series was going to happen.  And I have to tell you, the second I posted it, my heart has never pounded so hard.  Over the next 31 days I write with great fear and trembling knowing that when something scares you this much, you better share it.

I realize these posts will be a little different than my usual posting topics, but I hope it will be a place where we can encourage and inspire each other.  I know there are a lot of amazing and wise women who hang around this place and I am looking forward to hearing and being blessed with what you have to share with ME!  I hope you will stick around even if this topic is not your cup of tea.  But I do want to share that I will be writing based on my own experience and by no means that the way we do marriage is the only way.  It is one way and I hope that it can serve as an encouragement versus discouragement.  That being said I look forward to sharing over the next 31 days my stories and heart for my marriage and husband.

I hope you will join me these next 31 days.  See you tomorrow!

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31 Days of Serving My Husband is now available as a devotional!  Click here to find out more about the devotional full of new study questions and scripture to encourage and inspire you to an even greater marriage!


  1. SO looking forward to this with wide-eyed excitement! It's still so amazing how society has pinned word like "serve" and (especially) "submit" as "bad words" when in the context of marriage. THANK YOU for being a light and example to how this is NOT a bad thing but a way to glorify God! Happily! With joy!!! Praying for ears to listen and some hearts to be changed through your series. All the glory to Him, girlie!!


  2. Matthew 20:28. Serving is noble; that's what my Jesus came to do.

  3. can't wait to read it!! I'm sure I'll read some insightful guidance for when I walk down the aisle next March and what to bring to my marriage. :o)

  4. I'll be honest, the word "serving" did immediately scare me off. Because I grew up around very chauvinistic men who thought it was a woman's "duty" to do everything for him, it is never something that appealed to me in any way. Realistically, I know that isn't your intention with this series and I do look forward to reading all that you decide to share. :-)

  5. Looking forward to this! Serve is a scary word. When we got married, our pastor prayed about what to share and he read the story from John 13, where Jesus served and washed His disciples feet. That is what we are to do for each other. So, whenever I get tempted to be selfish, I am reminded of God's commission to me (well, to us, but I am only responsible for me!)

  6. Like Mrs. Diva, I think I understand your intention, but "serving your husband" has scared me off before. In fact, I stopped following DF for some time last year because I was so turned off by this phrase you've used before. I am a fan of your blog, and I know where your heart is, but I wish this series could be about how you both serve each other. It's going to be one-sided because it is about your efforts in your marriage, but I can't help feeling a bit bothered. However, I do appreciate how you write about the efforts you make to strengthen your relationships--especially your marriage--and always with an attitude of growth. Actually, you do that with all your posts, and that's why I keep coming back. Thanks for posting.

  7. What a great topic to write about for 31 days! I wrote 31 days about Capturing the Spark in your Marriage 2 years ago and I still go back to it for my own encouragement! I've been married 8 years and one thing I'm realizing more and more is how much I learn about my faith and my relationship with Christ through marriage. I read somewhere that a healthy marriage is a beautiful example of the Gospel. I love that analogy! It's a great reminder that when I love and serve my husband our family benefits, but others are blessed as well.

    I don't have time to do the 31 day challenge this year, but your series is one I'm definitely reading :)


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