31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 31--You Can Have the Marriage You Want

As I conclude 31 Days of Serving My Husband I want to leave you with the reminder that you can have the marriage you want.  No matter what I think or what my marriage is like, you have your own unique story.  It is probably not like mine but it can be a thriving marriage, as well, if you chose to make it that way.

My hope was to share and encourage with the stories and reasonings why I believe my husband and I have a good marriage.  But it is not your story.  You know what works for you and your husband and what doesn't.  You know what triggers the good and bad seasons.  You know what you personally could do to make your marriage better.  I cannot do that for you.

I believe that most of us can have the life we want.  We have the resources to live out our priorities in ways that a lot of the world cannot.  If we look at life a little more globally, chances are you are pretty blessed.  I say this because the same goes for your marriage.

If it was really a priority, you could figure out how to afford counseling.  If it was really a priority, you could get a sitter for date night.  If it was really a priority, you could cut your schedule back so that you had more time to be together.  If it was really a priority, you could work on biting your tongue. 

I hope it is a priority for you.  Maybe it is not.  But if you stuck around for any part of this series I am hoping that there is something within you that believes it is.

If you are struggling in your marriage today, I want you to know I am praying for you.  I know you have heard it a thousand times but I think it is because it is full of truth--we cannot change our husbands--we can only change ourselves.  May we be wives who are willing to grow and never stop learning for the sake of our marriage.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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